Talking about Xbox 360 overheating – problem and solution

Although there is no specific article or warning about it on the Microsoft Xbox 360 website, many users have noticed that the next generation video game system overheats, even to the point of causing the Xbox 360 system to “freeze up” the display and the ability to control the system with the wireless remote. According to SmartHouse, a lifestyle technology guide, retailers have had to deal with about a 30% failure rate with the Xbox 360. Many consumers have noted that this happens around the 12-13 months mark, just as the video game console’s 12-month warranty is up. This can create an extremely frustrating situation for hardcore gamers who play their Xbox 360 system a lot, and who paid $300-$400 for the system by itself, let alone multiple video games, extra controllers, and various accessories.

Microsoft, along with not even acknowledging that the problem exists on such a massive scale, also hasn’t implemented any programs to address the issue. One thing that Microsoft has done is to run a short-term replacement program, but only for the Xbox 360 consoles that were sold in 2005. They have also announced an internal update to the system for release sometime in the fall of 2007. This update claims to solve the overheating issue by using different chips that can run at a cooler temperature while maintaining the same level of performance, but it won’t solve the problem for current Xbox 360 owners, only future ones.

Various third-parties have stepped up to help solve the problem of the system “freezing up” due to the overheating. One of these solutions is to attach a fan to the system, either internally or externally. These fans, although helping to cool down the system a little bit, haven’t been a good solution for many Xbox 360 owners.

Proper way to place your Xbox

XCM, a company that creates various add-ons for video game systems such as the Nintendo Wii, the original Microsoft Xbox, the Sony Playstation 2 and the Sony Playstation Portable, has created a new case for the Xbox 360 to help owners of the console to identify the system heating up to various temperature levels. The case is clear for two reasons: 1) to be an attractive alternative to the original case, allowing others to see inside your Xbox 360, and 2) to be able to display a glowing LED light to warn you of various temperature levels. At 29¢, an orange light will display. As the temperature rises to 30-31¢, a purple light will display. At 32-35¢, a light blue light, at 36-39¢, a green light will display, at 40-43¢ a blue light will display, at 44-47¢ a red light will display, and over 48¢ the red light will begin flashing, warning you to turn off your Xbox 360 immediately. The case also displays a digital readout of the current temperature in Celsius, but the myriad of colors provides a way for gamers to glance down and see the temperature of the system. This case will sell for $59.99, and you can pre-order it at Totalconsole, Divineo, Consoleshop, or Heo.

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